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- Is our hubris such, that we only believe our children are capable of handling technology based challenges? I don't!  It is my belief that our children are capable of handling any challenge that confronts them - with proper guidance and education. "Teach them well and let them lead the way." - An excerpt from the song "The Greatest Love of All" by songwriters: Linda Creed and Michael Masser.

 T.U.F.F. - Kids 12 Step Action Plan

The objective of the action plan is to broaden our children's awareness concerning the childhood obesity epidemic.  Our goal is to provide them with the Educational tools needed to make More informed Choices in an effort to eradicate this formidable foe. Additionally, we will incorporate the "It takes a village" concept, to teach our youth the importance of being supportive and accountable to one another-reinforcing that "No man is an island!"  

1) Define obesity. 

2) Describe the process of weight gain.

3) Introduce Body Types: Ectomorph-small, Mesomorph-medium and Endomorph-large.

4) Explain the importance of proper nutrition.

5) Identify food which compliment the body.

6) Identify foods which insult the body.

7) Explain how the body functions internally in relation to obesity.

8) Explain how the body functions externally in relation to obesity.

9) Define exercise; "A body in motion-(P.L.A.Y.) tends to stay in motion-(playing)" -Newton

10) Introduce age and skill level appropriate activities and exercises.

11) Blend nutrition and exercise as a whole-"Health and Wellness"

12) Children will create an Action Plan of their own in an effort to "be" about it.

For more info contact us at healthyliving@tuff-kids.com  
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