Let's Start a Movement

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"It takes a village." Has this become just another cliché, dating back to yesteryear, and one more thing that we've either forgotten or abandoned? Unquestionably, the absence of this key component is probably the root cause to many child related deficiencies that threatens the very fabric of our society today.

Childhood obesity-is officially an epidemic, says the Surgeon General.  "If we do not act now, we will be raising the first generation that will not live as long as their parents".  Philly Fit magazine, Beth Trapani.

Most people know someone, a family member, or perhaps have even seen someone on the street with an obese or pre-obese child.  There are countless theories as to the what, who and why this is happening in our society today. There still isn't enough motivation? information? conviction? geared towards the "when"-are we going to do more about it, and the "where" do I sign up to help.

Therapists United For Fitness-T.U.F.F.-Kids is a pilot program that wants to tackle the "when."  Our goal is to use licensed therapists and other health care professionals to dedicate more time and resources educating the children in grades 1-5th.  "Childhood obesity has increased fourfold among those ages 6-11"-   www.healthierkidsbrighterfutures.org

  However, in order to truly maximize our potential, we will need the "where."  Like most organizations, support/sponsorship is critical.  We need to rekindle the "It takes a village" concept".  After all, this younger generation is who will be taking care of us one day.
 How one chooses to give is as individualized as one's fingerprint.  It could be in the manner of time, talent, expertise and/or financial resources.  All I ask is that you open your eyes and take heart and from deep down inside, let your spirit guide you. 

Thank you,

Guy Barbary, A.S., Physical Therapist Assistant, Veteran, Founder of T.U.F.F. - Kids
"It's not just OK, that I'm OK"

For more information please contact us at healthyliving@tuff-kids.com

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